Shopping Guide: My Husband's Birthday

Shopping Guide: My Husband's Birthday

My husband's birthday was a few weeks ago. You saw the crawfish birthday party I threw, but I didn't tell you about what I got him! Guys are so hard to buy for, amiright?!

Hopefully this will give you some ideas for what to get your husband/boyfriend/brother, or even for your dad for Father's Day coming up!

Watch - If it's a big birthday, a nice watch is a great idea. If it's not a big birthday, do a for fun watch! Mark recently got this Activité pop. With the whole fitbit craze, this watch is a great alternative being that it is less expensive and a lot more stylish! It does all sorts of cool things like track your steps, your sleep patterns and syncs right to your phone. 

Shirts - Mark can always use a few cute button ups, plain t-shirts and summer shorts! The JCrew factory always has great finds for any season!

Summer Sandals - Since Mark's birthday is in late March, a lot of my gifts for him lean towards getting him geared up for summer. He has the awesome sandals pictured below and they go great with so many outfits and they are comfy too! Those sandals have traveled the world with us on many vacations!

Swimsuit - Guys can always start the season with a fresh new suit! I love this suit on him! He also has it in the teal color too. . .when you find one that fits your 6' 4" husband perfect, you have to get it in every color, right?!?

Duluth Underwear - OK, my husband is obsessed with these! They are his favorite and always on his gift list. He's pretty easy to please. Hope this gives you some great ideas for the guy in your life!