How To: Homemade Ice Cream!

How To: Homemade Ice Cream!

A great way to beat the summer heat is with my favorite sweet treat of all time, ice cream!!!

Did you know that it's actually really easy to make your own at home?! It tastes even better, plus its even better for you since it doesn't have all those extra preservatives! 

"Eat Ice Cream for Daily Happiness" -- Can I get an amen?!

William Sonoma has a great little ice cream starter kit that really makes the step by step process a cinch. All you need are a few key ingredients: half & half and heavy whipping cream.


I made some the other weekend using my in-law's ice cream maker-- they said it's almost 40 years old, but it still gets the job done! I know a lot of people now are making ice cream using their Kitchen Aid mixer. Easy!

The ice cream is super easy to prep, then you just turn on the ice cream maker for about an hour or so and let it do it's thing.


And voila! You have homemade ice cream!

Now its up to you to add whatever you want to it. A great idea is having a candy bar with some different assortments of your favorite candy. My go-to's have always been sprinkles and Oreos...Yum!

Doesn't that look glorius?